Trading can be considered as a challenging activity.

An important aspect in trading is to be able to get accurate market information and process it in real time. I think technology plays an important role to achieve success in trading. Order flow is one of those tools that can give you an edge and special insight in the market.

This is why I decided to use NinjaTrader as my main trading platform to analyze the market and build my own tools, indicators and strategies, to trade with order flow.

To make things better and easier for my peers, I created a software package that is very affordable so that any trader can take advantage of it and get an edge. This software package is so cheap that no trader can have an excuse not using it.

Take action and benefit from the best professional trading platform 100% FREE.

You can get NinjaTrader 8 for FREE and get all the powerful tools you need to trade with volume and order flow:

order flow footprint, vwap, order book, market depth, tape reading, volume delta,...

Don't miss this opportunity to get an edge in the market and trade with the same weapons as the best traders already have.

More information on NinjaTrader trading platform...

Free trial of indicators

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